Students often say that they want to be able to read as many books as they can but one way or the other they lose interest and that affects their writing skills as well. Essay writing services can help such students recognize the genres that will keep their interest and curiosity intact. through this blog wants to bridge the gap between the readers and the genres that will increase their passion for reading and eventually make them a good writer. One of the many questions is that where to begin because that is the heavy first step and once you have started you will not want to stop.
Dissertation writing services online are not merely for writing essays, well that is their work but they can also help you guide and clear your confusion about finding your passion in reading. Before writing comes the reading and if you are a good reader, the writing will come naturally to you. Let’s find the genre that will suit your reading taste. Relate yourself to the following points:

  • Pick a book, any book would do and commence the reading. If you are not absorbed by the writing style or the theme do not let that be an obstruction in your reading. Read it to the last word, once it is finished you will know what was in it that made you like or dislike it. This will be the first lesson in coming up with a list of the elements that seemed interesting or dull to you.
  • Another way to find the genre that interests you will be asking yourself what sort of movies or series you like. The novels in the past years have taken the form of either movies or series. If you like the series like ‘The Vampire Diaries’ or ‘Game of Thrones’ or the movies like ‘Flipped’ or ‘The Twilight Saga’ or ‘The Harry Potter series’; pick up their novels and start reading because not everything in the novels form the part of the series or the movies.
  • In the initial days of your reading do not worry about your liking or disliking of a book. Read as much as you can and you will find the genre that will always find a reading space in your list.
  • If you still think you cannot decide which books you should go to turn to Google, find out what books should every person read once in their lives. Ask your friends, the parent even tutors for the recommendation.
  • If you want to have a smooth start, pick out some fiction novels. Read a book from every genre be it romance, fiction, non-fiction, mystery, horror, science fiction, historical and much more. One of the genres will capture your interest and Voila! You found your genre.

Now that you made friends with your genre, writing will be easy, write what you love. If you want to keep on improving your reading skills and have an assignment or research paper to complete, do not worry you will have experts from research paper writing services that will complete it for you.
Once you are set on the path of reading, turning back is difficult and therefore you have the best services online to help you remove the burden of writing college and school assignments. Reach us at and get the best writing assistance.

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