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An essay is a piece of well-structured writing, usually composed in proper academic format. Essay writing is a procedure which should be done in the following stages:

  • Understanding the assignment: The four main type of essays are descriptive, analytical, evaluative and personal. Descriptive essays are the ones which specifically describe a method and features and also, summarize the important points of the theory. Analytical essays are the ones which have to be supported by examples and evidence. Evaluative essays find similarities between the points and also show the awareness of their differences. Personal essays are not a part of academic writing but they are based on the personal experiences only.
  • Planning and preparation: It is vital to research the topic of the essay and prepare a distinct plan which is going to be covered.
  • Writing the first draft: The students have to pay attention to the essay structure. The essay should have a clear introductory paragraph. The thesis statement should be well-organized. The introduction is followed by the ordered body of the essay. At last, the conclusion should restate the thesis statement.
  • Reviewing the essay: Reviewing it for spelling errors, comma splices, punctuation errors, etc. is very important.
  • Writing the final draft: After the mistakes have been corrected, the draft should be re-written.
  • Submitting it before the deadline: Even if the work is finished before time, the student should submit it.

Essay writing is a part of the academic procedure and the students face many problems and difficulties in composing a good essay. Some of them are:

  • The most common problem that a student faces is non-acquaintance with the constituents of essay writing. The main glitch that lies is the knowledge of the write-up that they are being assigned.
  • Some student gets stuck at the introduction because they wish it to be perfect. They are not able to move forward until they write a good introduction.
  • Students have a lack of knowledge of how to write the introduction, or how to conclude their essay.
  • Students get overwhelmed and repeat their ideas. They even make grave mistakes in punctuation and grammar.

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